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It all started when...

I saw a need for a new version of senior portraits.  I wasn't interested in providing the shoot-and-share images that so many photographers provide.  I want to provide them with real, tangible images they can look at as much as they want, held in their hands, or touchable on the walls of their home– not just as digital files on a screen. 

It's important to celebrate different rites of passage on each individual's journey. And what's one of the most exciting times in your life? The high school senior experience! It's the embodiment of a story seventeen years in the making, and a day of self-love young adults can look back on for the rest of their lives, and share with generations.  

This is a time filled with so many opportunities! What's next for you or your teen? Are you off to college, starting a new job? And sure, you may have 'senioritis' and you're ready to take on the world now– but slow down a minute! Take a second to realize this awesome moment in time. Remember those really great portraits of your old ancestors you've seen in the family photo album? Remember trying to piece that person together, wondering who they were? You probably relied on that sparkle in their eye, the spirit they had– that's the feeling I help bring back to this digital age. Let's highlight your senior high school portrait how it deserves to be seen: on the wall, front and center, your sparkle and spirit undeniable! And the JDP senior line is so much more than pictures.  It's a day of fun to capture an exciting time of self-discovery. It's an experience to be treasured, anticipated and celebrated.

We celebrate many memories during your senior year in high school, including:

  • High School Senior portrais

  • Prom and Dances photography

  • Professional Dance Photography for those pursuing Company Dance Troupes

We include multiple types of sessions (beauty, maternity, family, and more) into your 'one' session– so bring your siblings, your parents, friends or whole family. Make it a family affair!


Senior Girls


Senior Boys


Prom and Dances


Dance Portraits


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We've compiled a list of available resources for those interested in our high school senior portrait photography sessions. Below you will find tips, tricks, styling guides and more.


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- Senior Portrait Experiences

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- Makeup and Hair Product Advice

- Fashion week: From Runway to Your Photo Session

- Meet our 2018 Senior High Schoolers!


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