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It all started when i became a mom.

Every moment of that experience I cherished. I remember the excitement of the first kick! The gender-reveal, and the anticipation of the soon-to-be birth day. Words can't describe the anticipation I felt, the nerves about 'the day' and what lay ahead for me and my newborn. But boy, photos can. When I look back on my own maternity photos I see that warm smile I was sporting and that glow I was feeling all over again. And that's when I realized it–

Maternity sessions are the best (and one of my favorite!) ways to celebrate this point of a woman's life.  Expecting a child and the excitement of finally holding him or her in your arms is the kind of feeling you only experience for brief period. Capturing that glow for years to come is a blessing. At JDP, we truly believe maternity photos are some of the most precious images that remind you of the woman you were, the child that was about to be, and then lasts as a reminder of the innocence and miracle of life. Who knows? In a flash that bump will be a newborn... a toddler... a child, preteen, teen... then adult! Time really does fly. Now my own kids are 15 and 13. But I still remember feeling that small bump and wondering what would happen next.

It's all right there, in my photos.

So if you're a soon-to-be-mom, a mother,  or grandmother and you'd like to celebrate this rite of passage at any age, give us a call today! 

We include multiple types of sessions (beauty, maternity, family, and more) into your 'one' session– so bring your children, your husband, sister, or your mother to be photographed as well. Make it a family affair!



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