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It's not just a photograph, it's a memory to cherish

Through the passing of time we see many rites of passage, including holidays spent with loved ones who are no longer with us, young ones who are now pre-teens, and senior high schoolers moving on to college (... it seemed like just yesterday they were learning to walk!). Many who walk into our studio are hoping to cherish moments in time that become milestones in life's journey. They want to capture a legacy and give their child, family member or the whole family a gift to remember for years to come.

At Jennifer Dworek Photography, we have helped mothers, daughters, sisters, children, cousins, nephews, nieces, pre-teens, grandmothers, grandfathers, daughters-in-law, sisters-in-law... (you get the idea!) capture beautiful fine art photographs that they are proud to display on their walls. If you've ever seen a memorable portrait of an ancestor and been able to sense their personality, spirit, and passion just through their eyes– that's the feeling I aim to bring out in your child, pre-teen, or family portrait. The JDP team creates photography session experiences– filled with professional hair and makeup– that honors this single moment in time that you hope to cherish. That way in the future, when you look back on the images, you can fondly ask a loved one "Hey, remember that time when..." and it brings the family together again.

After all, you never know which moments may be the defining ones you wish you had treasured at the time, but didn't. Children grow up so fast... look, now they're preteens, and now they're adults starting families of their own.

Honor the passing of time, honor your family, and honor your family's legacy for years (even decades!) to come.

If you'd like to celebrate your rite of passage at any age, give us a call today. We include multiple types of sessions (beauty, maternity, family, and more) into your 'one' session– so bring your children, your husband, sister, or your mother to be photographed as well. Make it a family affair!


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