Cherish a Legacy

How to appreciate your memorable photographs for decades


Remember This Moment

Safe and stunning archival albums, wall art and more

Everyone can remember a time that they've sat down with a family member or loved one, pouring over old photo albums and reliving memories, or meeting relatives who passed before you ever got to know them. I know, I've cherished old photos and the beautiful atmosphere and era they happened to capture. Like a time capsule, these photographs live on past others have left us, and we can still revel in the beauty and appreciate them.

Nowadays, printed photographs are seen as a luxury, or a an expense that is seemingly antiquated. With digital files easily shared online and social media, that are able to be printed conveniently by themselves, many people don't see the advantage to printing artwork professionally through a studio.

At Jennifer Dworek Photography, we offer luxury products to safely store photographs of you and your loved ones for decades. Ordering through our studio guarantees that your photographs will be protected by the proper materials, and showcased in the best way possible.

Our products are treasured not only because they capture beautiful moments of you looking and feeling your best, but because they are a reminder of the full life you have lived, will live, and will leave on as your legacy. In the present, they stand as an important reminder that YOU deserve attention and that YOU are beautiful. And beyond that, these photographs will outlive you and allow your loved ones to cherish your legacy as well.


Our Investment Guide

Most people who first enter our studio for their Premier Ordering Session have no idea what to expect when it comes to choosing the most appropriate photographic products. They may have an idea of what properly framing wall art requires, but may be concerned because they think they don't have enough wall space to enjoy their photographs. And they're aware of using albums to house their beloved prints, but the amount of detail that goes into creating the album or other printed artwork may allude them.

We understand how overwhelming this part of the experience may feel, so to help, we've created a guide to relax our clients and prepare them for their Ordering Session. Our Investment Guide gives detailed information about sessions fees and product prices. If you would like to receive the latest pricing information, sign up for the Guide by clicking below:

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