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The ultimate "I Am Worthy" statement

As a woman, I understand how difficult it can be to put myself first above the people I love (even writing the idea can make me cringe!). I take care of others above taking care of myself because I was raised to be compassionate, loving, and nurturing– that's why I was a nurse for over 15 years. But then I started my own photography studio from the ground up because I wanted to help others realize they deserve to take care of themselves. I realized that other women were putting themselves second in their lives, like I had been doing! And it's not only a detriment to their own self-worth, but to their children and families as well. 

We NEED to take the time to completely love ourselves! Today, young girls are growing up in a fabulous age of nouveau-feminism and embracing confidence... but what example are we giving them? Our strength and beauty needs to be shown off to everyone. It's time to be a role model, not only to others– but especially, more importantly... for yourself.  

Let's not just exist, but take center stage. It's time to show off and revel in the amazing person that we've become through years of self-discovery, trials, and coming out on top. ( This blog post I wrote a while back pretty much says it all!)

If you're feeling nervous about "bearing it all" in front of the camera, know that we take extra care to make you feel safe, comfortable– and warm!– in the garment you feel most happy wearing. Here at JDP, we know you don't have to go "au naturel" to be naturally gorgeous, and we make you feel luxurious in the outfit you prefer.

So spread those wings and fly! Cast fears and doubt away and tell the camera you're ready to love yourself, show you matter and that you are ready... for your close up!

We include multiple types of sessions (beauty, maternity, family, and more) into your 'one' session– so bring your children, your husband, sister, or your mother. Make it a family affair! We pride ourselves on confidentiality and keep your boudoir images–however undeniably beautiful they are!– safe from any undeserving eyes, so there's no need to worry. You just focus on being awesomely-you!


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