Am I Crazy, or is This Girl Going to Change the World?

I'm with you moms! Raising a teen today is hard and raising a girl is even harder. With all the constant stream of drama bombarding our kids today how do you control what they see and how they deal with it? Do you take it away? Hide it from them? Protect them? 

It's an impossible challenge. They will see it if they want to no matter what. My solution......teach them how to deal with what they are experiencing. Show them their worth. Help them believe in themselves. Develop their self-love.  We can't control others. We can only control ourselves and how we react to things. This is our power. 

I didn't realize it back when I was first starting my business. Ella was 6 years old. She was my guinea pig for practicing new lighting and learning how to pose people. Shoot after shoot as I grew as a photographer, my daughter was growing in confidence. How, you ask? Every time I would nail the shot I would be so happy. I would thank her for letting me practice. I would see the final images and tell her how awesome she was.

Imagine the feeling of being that person who can look confidently into a camera and have stunning images taken. Ella is just a girl. She's not a professional model. She's just been given the opportunity to shine! 

Why is having confidence so important? Being confident isn't about what others think. It's not seeking attention to make yourself feel better. It's about that feeling you get when you know you are awesome. You feel like anything is possible. You understand that you matter and you can make a difference. 

I believe this is my purpose to help as many tweens and teens see their worth and embrace their flaws. I was given this gift to serve others. I am not just a person taking pictures. Anyone can do that with any camera. I am using my camera to make an impact on teens. 

 If we are going to change the world we need to create stronger kids. Confidant kids are successful, loving and caring people that grow up to be leaders, visionaries and high performers. 

I can't wait to watch Ella change the world one person at a time. Her power radiates and is quite infectious. She knows she can create the life she wants and she understands that it's not always easy. But it's worth it. 

I encourage you to spread love and kindness. Teach them about their power and confidence. Show them that you hear them and that they matter.

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