JDP's Latest NYC Adventure!

You know by now that JDP is a pro at NYC destinations!  I love that no matter how many times we make the trip, the city is so dynamic that there are always new corners to explore, new people to see, and never the same picture twice.  Lexie and her mom made the trip so much fun, and let me tell you- that girl has a style MADE for New York City!  I am planning a trip again soon so if you or someone you know is interested, let's chat! JDP is usually there twice a year for sessions. Check out my favorite images from our latest JDP Destination!

The best part of going on destination trips with my clients is that I get to know them so much more. I swear Lexie's mom is my spirit twin. I didn't stop laughing the whole trip. My daughter kept telling me that we were basically the same person.

Another fun part of it is when I get to go with people that have never been to New York. I love sharing their fist view of Time Square or the first NYC cabbie ride with them. As for Lexie, she experienced the city like she lived there in another life. She felt confident and relaxed no matter where we were.

Jennifer DworekComment