What does SafeNet do for Erie (and what does JDP do for SafeNet?)

If you read our newsletter, you'll know that JDP's Model Charity of the year is SafeNet, an Erie organization that works with domestic abuse survivors.  JDP is honored to work with an organization that does so much for the community, and is there in a situation that can seem scary, hopeless, and can leave someone low on options. 

In addition to operating an emergency shelter for victims of domestic abuse, SafeNet can provide counseling, education, legal services, help placing pets from an abusive situation, and help through a 24-hour hotline.  All of these services take not only money to run, but a well-trained group of people to work with the individuals seeking help and to navigate these uncertain and definitely dangerous situations.

I'm proud to be working with SafeNet this year, and excited that my model team can see not only the organizations and people who help domestic abuse survivors, but just to be exposed to situations that they hopefully never have to think about in their lifetime.  There is always something to be learned from seeing the world from another perspective, and I love to do so with a local organization. 

Also, I think it's so important to continue supporting small, local charities.  Sure, a lot can be done with national organizations, but there's something about keeping our giving local that makes it all a little more understandable.  There are people. maybe within a few minutes of you, maybe your neighbor, who are being helped by local charities and organizations.  If we want to make Erie better, it has to be done from the inside, a little bit at a time. 

Every year I'm absolutely floored by how much my models are willing to give of themselves, and the effort they put forth in helping out these local charities.  Last year, we were the top donor for the entire year for Dress for Success.  Because of the JDP Model Team, Dress for Success was able to fully stock their closets and pantries with supplies, AND donate the extra to emergency shelters.  While we aren't doing a physical goods drive this year, I do hope we'll be able to raise enough money at our car wash to make a difference.  The people at SafeNet work HARD, and deal with really difficult situations every day, so to bring them some light and show them that yes, your community cares about the work you do, and our young people want to see a difference made, is so important.

This year, JDP will be holding our annual charity car wash on Friday, July 21st from 11am-4pm.  If you can, stop by to get your car washed by our hard-working models!  We will be having a mini-shoot, but the main focus of the day is to work hard to raise money for SafeNet.  SafeNet can then use the funds to purchase clothes, toiletries, invest in education, and much more to help domestic abuse victims right in our hometown.

Can't get to the car wash?  Feel free to drop off a donation at the studio any time, just put it in an envelope labled SafeNet and drop it in mailbox 4 at the studio!  We're also accepting donations of car wash goods such as sponges, car soap, and supplies to make signs.  For even more ways to help out SafeNet, visit their website here: http://www.safeneterie.org/

As I said, I'm honored to work with SafeNet and hope my fabulous model team can raise some much-needed funds for SafeNet's programs!  Hope to see you at the car wash!

xoxo, Jenn