Senior Session Style!

Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest...there are SO MANY thousands of pictures out there of senior portrait inspiration!  What hair to get, what to wear, how to pose- it's all out there!  But how do you sort through the dumptruck full of images to figure out what you REALLY need?  here's our professional take on the latest trends and what will make your senior session slay!

1.  Pack jewelry! So many seniors either forget jewelry, or only wear a set of tiny stud earrings that will never show up in pictures! Borrow jewelry from your friends, mom, mom's friends...whoever has the best statement pieces!  The things that show up best for pictures are long, dangly earrings, layered necklaces, pretty rings, and tons of bracelets.  Remember, we pose your hands by your face a lot of the time, so all of those bracelets will bring added texture and color (aka interest!) to your pictures!

2.  Keep it fitted! loose, flowy boho looks are a HUGE trend, but be careful- the camera can't pick up your real size if you're wearing a giant dress!  We see a lot of boho and t-shirt dresses that don't really have a shape.  Those are comfy, but don't photograph well.  If you like a loose, boho top, wear a more fitted bottom, or vice versa.  Classic, well-fitting clothes are always in style!

3.  Off-the shoulder tops are limiting!   They're a HUGE trend!  I see them everywhere!  Unfortunately, they pretty much pin your arms to your sides, so say bye to any poses where your arms are up at all!  You're welcome to bring them if they really are part of your favorite outfit that makes you feel super confident, but just know that we'll be limited with our posing!


4.  Iron and organize, ladies!  I know, some of you have never ironed before, ever.  BUT, this is a special occasion!  These are your SENIOR PORTRAITS!  Those images that someday your kids will look at to see if they have your nose, that your mom will look at when you're away on your grand adventure!  NOW is the time to get out the iron or steamer!  Wrinkles are only cute on bulldog puppies and grandpas, not your favorite dress.  Iron or steam and hang up your clothes!  That tiny detail will make you just a hint more confident and calm, and that will show in your pictures!

Of course, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your outfits!  They should represent YOU and your personal style!  A girl with confidence is always the most beautiful!  We can't wait to see the looks the class of 2018 will be serving this season!!