Fresh custom shoots!

I LOVE Fresh custom shoots!  Just like senior shoots, they're a chance for my models, who've been working in groups so far, to be photographed in their clothes, with their style, their way.  I'm sure you've noticed, but we've done some pretty crazy styled shoots this year!  They're always fun, but don't necessarily show off the individual style of the models (at least, we're pretty sure Nadia doesn't go to school in her 1980's workout Barbie outfit!)

After practicing on a bunch of group and themed shoots, our Fresh models finally get to show off all that camera confidence during their custom shoot.  Each girl gets her own time, one-on-one with me, with hair and makeup, and we bring out their best looks! I love seeing how each girl has changed over the model year!  Some of the girls don't even look like the same person!

That's why it's so important to not wait until senior portraits for professional photography! Sweet sixteen portraits used to be a huge deal, and families were professionally photographed every year.  Now, families wait and plan until senior year, but why?? If you've been following my model team for the last few years, you'll be able to see the huge difference in these girls in just two years, and they're not even seniors yet!  From what we've seen, the biggest change comes in age 13-16, with each year having a different look, style, and confidence level!  If you're interested in our Fresh line for your teen, call us at (814) 464-1184!  Trust us, your teen will LOVE being in the spotlight, and the confidence you'll see in the images will amaze you!

We know what you're here for- to see all of those awesome Fresh images and to see how your favorite model rocked her shoot!  As a special bonus, we've included an image from the first shoot we did with our previous models- so you can see just how much these girls have grown up!  Just remember, Fresh shoots aren't just for my models- any teen 12-16 can book their own Fresh session!

Sadie Bean- McDowell Class of 2019

Olivia Carneval- McDowell Class of 2019

Irelan Eddy- Collegiate Class of 2019

Mackenzie Farrell, Class of 2019

Laurel Fuhrman, Villa Maria Class of 2019

Claire Mulard- Villa Maria Class of 2019

Lauren Reckner- McDowell Class of 2019

Morgan Sonney- PA Cyberschool Class of 2019

Nadia Vollbrecht, McDowell Class of 2019

Brianna Yates, McDowell Class of 2019

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