Calling all Dudes!

If you haven't been following along, I am involved with a national organization composed of the top high school photographers in the country. Through it I have been given monthly photography challenges to execute with my high school senior team of models. We don't find out until the beginning of the month what the months challenge will be. And at the end of the month we find out if we won. I won last month and I plan on winning this one too!  Here's last months challenge.

The challenge this month was to use spotlight lighting to create compelling images of high school teens that told a story. The story of love. A beautiful girl. A boy searching. A glance. The attraction. The desire. Finding comfort in an embrace. Finally getting the girl.

The execution wasn't the only challenge. Finding the boy turned out to be the biggest challenge. I love to photograph guys but you wouldn't know that because I don't show many on my website or social media. It's definitely not because I prefer girls. I just don't have many moms calling me for their son's pictures. Turns out boys don't really like to get their picture taken but the ones that do get to go home with some pretty sweet images of themselves.  And guess what guys? The ladies dig cool images of dudes. Just look at Instagram. So Mom-of-a-son, call me!

Mackenzie was our JDP Model winner for this months shoot and she had her dude all lined up but he wasn't able to make it last minute. She did not give up! She texted people while she was getting her hair and makeup done. Finally she found someone. Mario! Mario was literally thrown into this photoshoot with no idea really of what to expect and he came out KILLING it! WOW! I hope I get to work with him again. So back to my story, Mario arrived at the studio with Mackenzie's mom without a suit jacket. Hmmm? I thought. I got this! So I sent mom on a mission in search of a jacket for our new model, Mario. By the time makeup was done and Mackenzie was dressed Mario was ready for his time in the spotlight. (Get it. Spotlight.) 

So here we have it. The final 10 images. What do you think? Can you see the story unfolding?