The Blog Post I Hate to Post

Ok friends, this is scary. Not necessarily scary for you, but scary for me.  You're about to see me with NO MAKEUP and BED HAIR!  For our Allure sessions, we do a before-and-after picture to show these ladies that even though they're gorgeous with no sprucing-up, we can take things to gorgeous with a bit of eyeliner and a good curling iron!  So here's me, 100% putting myself out there to the world:

Yep, that's me.  Now sometimes I have time to pull my hair back, or maybe put on some lipstick, but this is Jenn au naturale.  Nothing, nada.  Since today was the first day of school, I can imagine that there are some frazzled mamas out there who look about like this.   I had an event after work today and needed some serious primping, so I enlisted the help of our AMAZING HMUA Megan to help me out.  Then I figured, why not give everyone a glance of what a JDP makeover is all about! We streamed the whole thing live on Facebook!  Yeah, it was scary, but I wanted everyone to see the kind of difference professional hair, makeup, and posing can make.

It took us a few tries to get our internet connection right (it turns out, the Spotify we had running in the backgrounds sucked up all of our bandwith), but once that was fixed, we were able to show and talk through the process.  PLUS, Megan shared some of her favorite tips and products!

It takes a LOT of courage to put yourself out there! In my case, it's a little extreme, because I was literally showing off my unfiltered, unedited self to EVERY PERSON I KNOW for their judgement, but it was for you!  I can imagine how someone coming in for their Allure session might feel the same way.  A little embarrassed at having no makeup or hair products on, a little silly for wanting to do something so out-of-the-ordinary, and a little bit ready to bolt out the door.  I get that!  It's SO much harder being on the other side of the camera!  For me or nearly everyone else, being in a makeup artist's chair, posing, and being photographed is NOT the norm!  

You know what, though?  It was worth it!  Knowing I looked good made me FEEL good, and I know I'll feel great at that event tonight.  For our Allure clients, they get that feeling every time they see their images! When they get a no-makeup, sweatpants day, they can look in the mirror and see their crazy self and say "yep, that's me", and also pull out your folio filled with stunning images and say "yep, that's me too!".  

So no, the Allure experience isn't something everyone does every day.  No one does this every day! But doing it every once in a while is such an experience in vulnerability, trust, self-love, and self-respect that really, how could you not!  We want to show you your very best self, and see your crazy face turn into a glamorous, movie star face!  Call us at (814) 464-1184 or email us at  

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