Who's your inspiration?

You guys, we're so excited to finally be able to tell you all about the exciting project that's been in the works for MONTHS!  JDP has partnered with the Sarah Reed Children's Center of Erie to do what we've been teaching our models all year- if you want to see change in your city, you have to be a part of it.  You can forward links, "like", "dislike", and "frownie face" all you want, but if you actually want to see a change, you have to be a part of that change.  So we took charge and got involved!

If you're not familiar with Sarah Reed, it is a school, residential treatment facility, counseling office, and so much more to kids and teens from the community who've had a way tougher life than you'd wish on your worst enemy.   Sarah Reed is able to step in to lives and significantly improve them so these young people have a chance to reach their goals in life.  

We got involved all the way back in March, originally to do to a talk on photography.  Over time, that morphed into something way deeper.  A few weeks ago, a group of girls who attend Sarah Reed came to visit the studio to learn both what we do here, and why.  We talked about confidence, self-love, role models, and bullying.  After they left, they were asked to write about their personal role model, and how they experience self-confidence (or lack thereof).  

After reading all of the essays (which were all amazing!) Alexis's stood out to us because of how well it was written, how candid she was about issues in her past, and much we felt we could help her gain more self-confidence.  Her essay, focused on Demi Lovato and how she overcame a rough past, bullying, and an eating disorder, showed us that this generation can focus on important issues, and sees the good in people beyond just their celebrity status.  After a week of prep, Alexis (or Lexi, as she goes by) came in to the studio to get the whole JDP experience!  Professional hair and makeup, designer dresses, and a full-length shoot, all focused on her!  There were giggles, tears, and so many "You're SO beautiful"s I can't even count!  

This lady ROCKED OUT her session!  She is so strong, and we can only hope that the finished images help to show Alexis how absolutely stunning she is!  Sure, we could've scheduled a shoot, or just taken the morning off, but investing in our community is so important to us!  If only one girl can pass through JDP and know, for 100% certain, that she is strong and beautiful and powerful and so, so smart, and that she can do anything, that's an impact worth putting in the effort for.  We absolutely loved working with Sarah Reed Children's Center, and can't wait to do it again!  

Just like we asked Alexis, we'll ask you the same question:  who's your inspiration?  How do you feel about yourself on a daily basis? If that answer isn't what you'd like it to be, call us!  It's not vain or silly to see yourself as beautiful and attractive.  That's what we're trying to teach our young girls who are coming to us as models and clients, but if you've missed out on that message, get in here!  We can't wait to show you what true confidence is.

xoxo, Jenn

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