Baby, You're worth it!

It's that time of year again!  It's summer, school's out; so let the fun begin! Rising seniors, this is the last summer of your high school career before you are swept off into the real world to make a name for yourself and put your stamp on this planet.  It's also senior picture time. Should you get them done? Is it really worth it? "So many of my friends have cameras and they can maybe just do a few pictures, right?" Well, sure, if that's what you're looking for- just get them done and move on. I mean, they are just pictures, right? 

You tell me. Jennifer Dworek Photography is all about creating amazing portraits, but that's not all: we strive to create an experience that transforms the way you see yourself. The key word there is "experience".  There are no limits! There are no rules! Whatever you can dream of, we want to create for you. This is where the idea of senior destination shoots was born.  

Back in March, we tested the waters by opening up a slot for an Erie senior to travel to Las Vegas with us on a 3-day senior session.  At the same time, my team and I started planning a trip to NYC for any of our senior models that wanted a truly unique location as the ultimate backdrop for senior portraits. We wanted to know if the Erie market was ready for something bigger and better for senior portraits. 

So far, our senior destinations have been a hit!  The girls get to experience these great cities like celebrities; stopping for hair and makeup changes, and seeing the sights while on custom photoshoots.  It's a whirlwind in the best way!  We're going to sunny Florida this coming February and can't wait to see who'll be joining us there!  Also, we loved NYC so much that we MIGHT just be going back this fall!  So if you watched our NYC shoots and are bummed you missed out, you still have a chance!  

If you still need a reason to go on a destination shoot, just check out these images!  There's no way you'll get this kind of experience in Erie!  We love photographing here, but it just can't compare to these places!

So whether or not you choose a destination session- PLEASE make sure you take the time and investment to get professional senior pictures taken!  Having great images to look back on is so important in life.  Future You will thank You!

xoxo, Jenn

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