Ok, so first, let's settle this.  Everyone says (insert town name here) or bust!  I never knew what that meant, so, like any modern human, I googled it. Some of the answers were awful!  I mean really awful.  "It means you dress better than the other people".  "It means you'll get there fast".  "It means you'll burst from excitement if you don't get there".  Finally, I came upon the real answer (and cross-checked it with Urban Dictionary!).  The official answer is "You'll either get there in a fantastically adventurous way, or fail miserably, but not for lack of trying."  Yay?  That's not quite as exciting as I expected it to be, but it definitely makes sense.  So there ya go, your nugget of knowledge on American aphorisms. 

Well, we will certainly get to NYC, no busting here!  Tickets are bought, hotels are reserved, and both amazing Class of 2017 Senior Models Kamri Rotunda and Brittany Firman are (hopefully) packed and ready to go!  We'll be spending two full, jam-packed days in the Big Apple for the most spectacular senior sessions like only JDP can do!  

Some of the places we'll be visiting are of course Central Park (I could spend a whole day just here!), Times Square, The steps of the Met (ever seen Gossip Girl??) and a few others you'll just have to follow us to see.  These backdrops are so iconic and unlike anything Erie can offer!  Can you even imagine?  Wearing a gorgeous dress on the steps of the Met or the famous Bethesda Fountain while being posing like a pro and being photographed like it ain't no thang???  Tourists all around, wondering what up-and-coming celeb is having a photoshoot, and maybe snapping a picture or two, just in case her next movie or single breaks records.  Little do they know, we're photographing Erie's own superstars of the JDP Model Team!

So how can you get in on this?  First, follow us on Instagram @jdworek, on Facebook, and on Snapchat @jdworekphoto.  We'll be posting the entire trip, so you'll get to see those secret locations, the incredible outfits Kamri and Brittany packed, and join in on the adventure!  Join us on Facebook live, comment, or send us a snap and you might just get a shout out from NYC!

Interested in your own JDP Destination Session?  In February we'll be going to sunny Florida to escape the Erie snow!  Call us at (814) 464-1184 to be first on the list!  As a reminder, we still have a few (like, literally two) Class of 2016 Senior Sessions available here in Erie, so if you've been holding out, call us NOW so we can get you some info!  

We absolutely can't wait to have you along with us in NYC!  Make sure to follow us so you can watch Kamri and Brittany rock it out in the Big Apple!