I just HAD to share some of these before I left for the day!  Today was BFF shoot day for our Fresh Model Team, and we had a BLAST!  There was so much giggling in the studio it was like being at the best sleepover ever!  There was ZERO shyness going on, and all day I got to take fun pictures of my models and their friends (have I mentioned I LOVE my job??!!)!

That's what I love so much about my Fresh line- it's so versatile!  We have the time to play around and take some great fun images that really show off these great personalities without the pressure that "senior pictures" can have.  Fresh sessions are for anyone ages 10-16, and of course you can bring a friend to share your session!

So needless to say, this is a great way to capture a moment in your teen's life that passes SO quickly! Why not show them exactly how they are, instead of the one yearly picture with the same dark blue background?  THIS is the way to remember what life was like!

I mean, really, how cute are these two?! 

Working with a mix of natural light and a simple ringlight, we were able to go from gorgeous lifestyle images to what looks like the bathroom of Studio 54 (and I love it!).  I had so much fun with these girls today, and I can't wait to see some of these BFFs back in the studio for their own Fresh session!

Of course, what would a day of fun shooting like this be without some of the best outtakes I've ever seen!  I had a great time today, girls, and I hope you did too!



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