JDP Senior Season is here!


I WISH I could tell you how amazing my model teams are!  We just wrapped our Class of 2017 Senior Model shoots, and it really gave me a chance to see their personalities shine.

 I loved watching the girls encourage each other, telling each other how great they looked and just being all around great people.  In a world where the movie Mean Girls can be very real, these young ladies are sweet, genuine girls who lead by example.  What more could you ask for!

The point of the model shoots are to get my models used to me and the camera, but also to show prospective clients our stylistic ranges, give them ideas on what to wear, and in general, what a fun experience a JDP senior session is!  These girls have been doing their job, because we have fewer than TEN senior sessions left!

Thanks to these girls (and maybe some help from our new location at on 8th and Pittsburgh), June is completely booked, and August is almost full.  If you're interested in a senior session with JDP, NOW is the time to call!  

So your question may be: "what makes JDP different from any other photographer in Erie?".  Well here goes:  Our mission at JDP is to empower people through portrait photography.  That means our JOB is to show you a side of you you've never seen before, and to take the best pictures of you that you'll ever see.  

We passionately pursue this mission through many mediums.  We take the time to have an in-person meeting with each of our seniors and parents to customize the session.  Each senior is different and has a different story, and we're not interested in telling anyone else's story.  No one's story is laying on their stomach in a hammock, or leaning against a tree.  We shoot unique, storytelling images for each senior.  

We employ a professional makeup artist to help us get the look each senior is looking for.  We know any big event such as senior portraits can be stressful in an exciting way, but if anything goes wrong, it can ruin the whole experience.  Leave the work to us!  We pamper you while you sip a cool drink and listen to your favorite music.  We're also able to switch your look, because your personality is multidimensional!

There's so much more to the JDP experience, but because we value each client so much, we'd much rather talk to each individual person!  If you'd like to book one of our remaining ten sessions of the summer, call us now at (814) 464-1184.  We'll get back to you ASAP to answer all of your questions.  

We're currently receiving multiple calls per day, and expect ALL sessions to be filled by next week.  We hope to see you as a Class of 2017 JDP Senior.  MANY thanks to our amazing senior models for being wonderful role models and stellar people!  I can't wait for you to see the rest of your images!


xoxo Jenn

Jennifer DworekComment