JDP's Fresh Model Team 2016!

Wow!  I always LOVE finally working with my new models at our spring model shoots!  It's often the first time I get to talk to them one-on-one and really see them as individual girls.  I never know what I'm going to get, and how each girl's personality will shine in front of the camera.

This is the first year in a while I've done a junior team, and I missed it so much!  The chance to get to know these ladies for up to three years is priceless, and it gives them a chance to have the whole JDP experience before the craziness of senior year.  


Like I said, I LOVED working with each girl, and learning more about her.  ALL of the Fresh models are so photogenic (as you can see!) and are truly gorgeous girls in and out!  

The whole reason I do Fresh sessions are to capture this amazing transition time in these ladies' lives.  Middle school isn't yet a distant memory, and they're still finding their place in the huge ocean of high school.  They're trying out different looks and personalities while settling on who they'll be as an adult, and of course they're getting taller and more grown-up looking every day!

 A lot of parents opt out of our Fresh line because they know senior pictures are on the horizon, but truly, these girls are going to look so different by the time they're seniors, have different interests, and in general, be different people.  What a shame it would be to have no momentos from this AWESOME age than the few selfies they'll let you see.  We only have FOUR spring fresh sessions left until we break for summer, so if you know a 12-16 year old who would love the chance to show off in front of the camera, and to really see how stunningly beautiful she is (like these ladies!) call and get on the schedule for our Fresh sessions before they're all filled!  

senior pictures
teen portraits

I know I don't know them all that well yet, but I am already so proud of these young ladies and what they stand for!  Between getting silly and bellydancing at our very first meeting, to blowing away the community with their charity donations, to rocking out their first sessions, I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring for my Fresh Model Team!

P.S.- As a prize for having the heaviest charity haul, JDP Fresh models Madelyn, Becca, and Lauren won a bonus shoot for NYC lifestyle brand Millioneiress.  We took over downtown Erie on one of the coldest days of spring, and had a blast!  Look for our models' faces on Instagram @millioneiress.  

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