We're going to Vegas for YOU!

It's time to count down to Vegas!  Of course we're excited to get a taste of some warmer weather, but we'll be there to WORK!  And it's all for you!

"sure, sure", you say, "thanks for thinking of us when you're sitting by the pool".  But we really are!  Let me tell you why...

First, we'll be spending the first few days location scouting and giving McDowell senior Juliana Delullo the time of her life!  JDP is the only studio in the region to offer destination sessions for seniors, and Vegas is our first destination of the year!  We'll also be heading to NYC in June, and another *secret* destination this fall!  Juliana had her senior pictures taken last summer, and loved the experience so much she's coming back for round two in Las Vegas!  Be sure to follow us on Snapchat @jdworekphoto to see all of our adventures!

The other reason we're heading to Vegas on this specific week is to attend WPPI, or the Wedding and Portrait Photography International convention.  This is the biggest gathering of photographers in the WORLD!  The best educators, the newest trends, and the highest-quality image products and gear available, all in one place!  If you noticed, the images in this post are NOT the average senior pictures.  That's what we do best!  It's at WPPI that we stay up on the latest trends and innovations in photography, so you're always getting the best.  We'll be at the convention along with our intern Sara to make sure we're on our A game for you, and to share JDP's experience with 20,000 of our closest photography friends from around the world.  We consider this an investment in our future clients so we can continue to give you the best boutique experience.  

Finally, we know we didn't just magically pick up a camera and makeup brush to become instant experts in our field.  There are always mentors, muses, and teachers who help us along, and we feel a strong pull to give others the same opportunity to learn from us.  That's why we'll be taking our intern Sara with us on this fun, crazy adventure.  She's already had three years of photography classes at Fairview, and has been our intern since December.  Now, she'll be exposed to a whole new world (cue the Aladdin song) and really get to see how expansive professional photography is.  The more we can educate future photographers, the better the industry is for everyone, clients and professionals.  

So while we certainly WILL be enjoying the sun of Vegas, we'll be working hard to make sure JDP is the best we can be for the 2016 Senior Season and beyond!  

Jennifer DworekComment