What an honor!


Our Class of 2016 Senior Models had the opportunity to model for monthly challenge shoots, where they could play "grown up dress up" and celebrate the different sides of their personalities.

Why be involved? We Are the Seen is a national organization of the best senior portrait photographers in the nation.  These are the innovators, the "above and beyond"s.  All that creativity and awesomeness mixes together to really challenge and grow all of the members to do some really cool things and get out of their comfort zone, so we end up with a core group of amazing photographers with their fingers on the pulse of photography's next trends.

Back in December, we had the opportunity to shoot with the amazing Jordyn Kosienski of Union City.  This girl is GOING PLACES!  She's gorgeous, strong in her self and her faith, and is a great role model, athlete, and student!  She's always down for whatever, including a 45-minute, tangled updo!  We did a few outfits with her, and I couldn't decide because they were both so beautiful!  

I ended up submitting two outfits for Jordyn.  One outfit was shot to be like black and white film, with lots of contrast and added grain.  The other was a fantasy shoot featuring Jordyn's homecoming dress.  Neither had much editing, as I wanted them to have an organic feel.  Click any of the images to see her full feature on the We Are the Seen website!

I was so excited and surprised to not only learn that we were chosen as a feature for this month, but that BOTH of the submissions of Jordyn were chosen to be featured!  This is usually not allowed, but We Are the Seen created a new award, just for photographers who had multiple features in a month.  Jennifer Dworek Photography is now a We Are the Seen Senior Spotlight Award winner!  We've been featured twice before, but this is the first time I've had two submissions for a given month.  To be featured as a winner twice in one month, among hundreds of the best photographers in the country is an amazing honor, and a great confidence boost!

Of course I'm excited to be featured, but I'm more excited for Jordyn!  Her images will be seen all over the country by thousands of people!  She did a great job of showing two completely different moods, transforming her look and being a great muse!  What a great way to celebrate senior year!  

As always, thanks for your support!  This is why JDP is different, because we have clients who like to experiment, to participate in art, and to take chances.  From lace masks, to blizzard shoots, to basically anything else, JDP gets its life from the people who walk through our doors to be photographed.  We can't wait to see you for your shoot! 

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