A Mid-winter's Break

Well, it seems like it's finally reached the time to hunker down with some ice cream, wine, and Netflix while the snow piles up outside.  OR, if you're a photographer, you have time to do some creative edits!  My college friend, Becky, who now has a 13-year-old daughter, came in to treat her to a JDP Fresh session.  Fresh sessions are for teens 13-16, and allows them to show off their style with two outfits of her choice plus some light hair and makeup.  Maura was READY!

This girl sent in her style guide outlining her vision for the session a month in advance!  She had it all picked out- a boho look with her guitar, plus a princess-inspired look featuring a bold lip and her great-grandma's fur coat.  We set up the boho look here in the studio, featuring our brick wall, beloved green couch, and an old crocheted afghan.  The princess look took us outside, where we made full advantage of the blizzard to set up a fairytale landscape.  Despite the freezing cold and wind, Maura did an AMAZING job and made her vision come to life!

Because the weather outside is so frightful, I'm staying in and editing for the rest of the day!  Maura is the perfect example of what happens on the other side of the Who I Am Project- a confident teenager who is focused on her vision of herself and strives to make that inner person happy.  Will her friends love these pictures? SURE!  But they'll love them because SHE loves them, and loves who she is. 

Jennifer DworekComment