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What does it mean to be beautiful?

Is it great hair and makeup? Good lighting? Touching up images in photoshop? A combination of all three? Sure, simple beauty shines through a good mixture of these elements when it comesd to professional boutique photography... but there's another, more illuminating element that truly makes a person beautiful: Radiant, unstoppable confidence! 

Many people who step into the studio for the first time are nervous. They are afraid of going through an experience of having their portrait taken because they have told themselves in the past:

  • "I'm not photogenic..."

  • "I'm awkward in front of the camera"

  • or "I have no idea know how to pose and look good!"

Thankfully, the JDP studio is an environment created to help you feel relaxed enough to forget that you were once "awkward", "un-photogenic" or "not enough" in some way. That was the past you– right?– this is the new, transformed you. We know you are beautiful and we know how to encourage you to naturally shine. All the pampering, music, laughter, and creative styling we provide adds to the fun atmosphere of your photography session experience. We offer a space to let loose and display your confidence with ease. This is about seeing yourself as the best version of you. It's about transformation... about reconnection... it is about YOU. This is your beauty we're talking about. Being beautiful isn't about who you were in the past... it's about who you are and want to be– now.

If you'd like to celebrate your rite of passage at any age, give us a call today. We include multiple types of sessions (beauty, maternity, family, and more) into your 'one' session– so bring your children, your husband, sister, or your mother to be photographed as well. Make it a family affair!


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Before and After examples of our portrait clients

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Cherish This Moment

How to lovingly display and protect your photographs for decades

so you, your family and friends can remember the legacy.


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