Now What?

Congratulations!  You're now a JDP Allure professional!  You know all the basics about our most glamorous line! The only thing left to do is experience it for yourself! 



At your pre-session consultation, you get to meet Jenn and Megan, see our studio, and plan your custom session.  We go over your style guide, outfits, session focus, and your story to make sure your Allure session is 100% unique to you.  It's so important to us that you feel comfortable on your session date, and that includes having every one of your questions answered, being able to feel the products you'll be ordering, and get hyped for your session.


Woo-hoo! Your session is the day we've been planning! You get pampered with professional hair and makeup, fun music, and your very favorite outfits (or lack thereof!)  with the most beautiful lighting and posing!  Lock the door and bring out the champagne, it's time for an Allure session!!

Premier Ordering Session

The anticipation is driving us crazy!  We love showing our clients their final images in a grand reveal!  Be ready to see yourself how you've never seen yourself before!  We guide you through the process of creating a custom order to best fit your needs. As soon as your products are in from our pro labs, we send them home with you to show off to everyone, or just a few very important eyes!