Rave Reviews!

We absolutely love each of our clients, and we think it's fantastic that they love us back!  Sometimes, you just need to pull a Reading Rainbow and say "but don't take my word for it!"  Here are some words from past clients about their experience with Jennifer Dworek Photography!


Andrea MacArthur (mother of Olivia MacArthur)

When we looked at Jennifer's pictures online we loved the pictures she showcased and knew we wanted that for Olivia's sr. pictures.  Our favorite part was the experience-it wasn't about a photo, this was an experience- from the hair, the makeup, and the little touches of jewelry added in to complete an outfit.  We loved the finished products and the packaging- it was like Christmas!  I think the pictures captured all the different sides of my daughter and will be treasured for a lifetime. Jennifer is an amazingly talented photographer with an equally talented team who creates a beautiful experience for your senior!


Julianna DeLullo

I saw Jennifer on Instagram, I always loved the beautiful pictures she was taking.  My favorite part of my session was the fun, exciting aspect of feeling like a model in a photo shoot!  My products are beautiful, they are everywhere in my house.  Everyone who looks at them is amazed!  My parents loved the quality of the pictures, they are very unique!  It is a once in a lifetime experience, it will always be an amazing memory you will have forever.  If you have this opportunity then take it!

Kamri Rotunda

My photoshoot was a once in a lifetime experience!  Jennifer and her crew are unbelievably talented and made the photoshoot fun and exciting!  I wish I could do it again.  It was so much fun!!



Brittany Firman

It was so much fun exploring the city and getting pictures taken in the Big Apple.  If anyone has the chance to go you absolutely have to.  The pictures are amazing and the scenery is gorgeous!