It all started when...

I saw the younger siblings of my senior clients absolutely enthralled with their older sisters' images, but sad that they had to wait a number of years before their own photography experience.

The early and mid-teen years are said to be the "forgotten years" in photography.  No longer tiny and able to fit naked in a bathtub, but not yet seniors.  These teens are changing SO MUCH from month to month and most often, the only time they get photographed is the annual school picture.  You wouldn't believe how much being the star of a photo session can boost these girls' confidence and secure their sense of self!  I love seeing my Fresh clients come alive once the camera comes out!  All thoughts of what is "cool" are gone, and these girls can just be themselves, 100% confident that they are amazing and beautiful and strong!  Why wait until senior year, when body image is cemented?