Ready for the experience of a lifetime in a spectacular location?


JDP LOVES destination sessions!  What better way to celebrate your teen's journey?  We travel to amazing cities for a whirlwind two-day trip filled with celebrity-style photoshoots, taking in local culture, and seeing the best sights in the world!  

On our last NYC destination we visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and much more!  We've also explored the bright lights of Las Vegas, the desert of Nevada, and will be hitting up the sunny beaches of Florida on our next trip!

Erie's great and all, and we make the most of it photographing our wonderful clients here, but we REALLY love NYC and can't wait visit our next location!  Last time, we had all kinds of foreign tourists taking sneaky iphone pictures of our girls because they thought they were celebrities!  We turned heads everywhere we went as people whispered about the new starlet in town for a shoot, and we want to give you that experience, too!  Who wouldn't want this insane opportunity!

The best part is, we offer our destinations for seniors AND teens!  What better sweet 16 present could there possibly be? Clients will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging, so you can stay as long as you'd like!

Want in?

Call us at (814) 464-1184 for details and how you can get in on this amazing opportunity!  We only take ONE teen on this trip, so call right away or you'll have to watch someone else have all the fun!  We can't wait to hear from you!