Living in an 8x10 world?

We hear it all the time: "we'd love to give [insert child name here] a Fresh session, but we don't really need any pictures of her.   We hear it, but we don't get it!  We totally love that parents are on board with the Fresh experience and want to let their teen have a chance to express herself through photography.  what I think parents miss out on, though is the "what's next" portion.  We show these amazing images that teens are anxious to show off, but with school pictures being the "traditional" route, they don't need those 8x10s.  Luckily, we are NOT about that 8x10 life!

Our Fresh sessions are unique, edgy, freeing, and fun, which may not necessarily be the exact look grandma and grandpa are going for on their mantle.  The great thing is that this shoot is NOT for grandma and grandpa!  This is so your teen can look through their images in 20 years, when they are definitely NOT a teen anymore, and go back to that time in their life, when music and friends were everything and life was so simple.  This is so their kids can look back and really see where they got their spirit from.  Again, this is NOT for grandma and grandpa, and not even so much for mom and dad.  

The Fresh experience is an investment in your child, not just for the spectacular hair and makeup, confidence-building custom session, and the online sneak peeks that they share instantly with their friends.  An investment is a chance to create something that freezes a moment in your child's life in a way they can look back on any time they like.  Are you with us now?  Our Fresh products include heirloom albums, acrylic displays, silk folios, and digital apps.  We do offer both a-la-carte and package options for Fresh clients.  Packages start at $1000, and prints start at $75.