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I'm so glad you stopped by to learn more about the JDP team! Everyone of my clients gets the full treatment with one of my hand-picked makeup artists and assitant! When we come together, we create something absolutely phenomenal! (not to toot our own horn, but toot toot!)

Jennifer Dworek


Hey there! I'm Jennifer Dworek, the creator, owner, and photographer behind Jennifer Dworek Photography (that one was pretty obvious).  I am a visionary, entrepreneur and wild child all wrapped up into one. Although I do work with men on occasion, I absolutely love working with teens and women! I know that I was given this incredible gift to help others rediscover themselves and to see themselves as the world see you.....AMAZING!!! I want to help you tell your story too. My portraits have depth to them that viewers are drawn to without them realizing it.  It's because I have the ability to make a real connection with my clients. I'm a people magnet. A party starter, A social leader. And an award winner.  I have been featured and recognized for several teen photography platforms, including Seniors Ignite, Modern Teen, Teen Years Magazine, Teen Style Magazine,and We are the Seen.  In my spare time, I love to relax with some music in the sun with my husband Chuck, children Andrew and Ella. They are my world! 

Awards and Publications


Makeup Artist Extraordinaire



Mary Trowjanowski spent several years working and playing in NYC as a hair and makeup artist until she met the love of her life. Thank goodness he brought her to Erie!  She is also a licensed cosmetologist with mad hair skills! Mary has extensive experience working on photoshoots with big name brands as well as working NY fashion week! 



Kelsey Firestone is a licensed stylist at Rejuv hair salon in Erie, PA as well as our airbrush artist. When she's not making people look amazing she's most likely spending family time with her hubby and kids. 

Photography stylist and assistants



Ally is currently attending Mercyhurst University where she is studying Fashion Merchandising. She's the newest member of my team and has the most versitile position. Not only will she help style you but she also acts as my personal assistant making sure I dont miss a beat.


Leo will be joining us this summer as an intern. He is attending IUP and will be graduating this year. He's been studying marketing, business, communications and photography. 


Jennifer Dworek Photography Studio

2230 W 8th St
Erie, PA, 16505
United States

I absolutely LOVE my studio!  I'm located right across from the rapidly-growing West Erie Plaza, close to Frontier Park, Presque Isle, Downtown Erie, and much more!  My light-filled studio is on the second floor of the Lighthouse Jewelers building and gives us endless opportunities to create custom experiences for our clients all year round!


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Are you hooked yet?  I hope so!  I really, really want to provide the best experience possible for my clients!  Now that you see the finished product, it's time to peek behind the scenes!  Follow us on Instagram by clicking the insta-link at the bottom of this section.  Then, sign up for our newsletter! It's how we tell everyone about our news, promotions, sales, and everything JDP!  Don't worry, I hate spam as much as the next person, so I only send you an email about once a month and they've always got great tips and sneak peeks at my latest sessions!



(Q:) How far in advance do I need to book my session with you?

(A:) We recommend booking your session two months before you'd like to receive your finished products.  This allows you time to go shopping for any new clothes or accessories you might want, make any hair or nail appointments, and allows us enough time after your session to order and ship your products.  However, it's never too early to book a session, and getting first dibs has its advantages, so if you know you want to book a session, shoot me a quick email and we'll talk about dates.  We'd love to get you on our calendar!

(Q:) What is included in your packages And how much should I expect to spend?

(A:) Our session fees are vary based on what type of portrait session you are looking to do.  Each session includes hair and makeup, styling, our Pre-Session Consultation, and Premier Ordering Session, plus of course your session!  most clients that come to Jennifer Dworek Photography are purchasing wall art, albums, heirloom image boxes and gift prints for loved ones. We have a create-your-own-collection system instead of offering packages that include items you may not want or need.   Our Senior and Allure clients typically spend around $1500-2000, with our Fresh clients investing around $1200 for their entire experience.  We use the term investment because you're not just getting a photoshoot.  You're getting our one-on-one attention, a HUGE confidence boost, and heirloom-quality products to keep for generations.    We most certainly offer payment plans, because our main goal, 100%, is for you to get everything you want from your session.  We'll work with you to make that happen!

(Q:) What should I expect from the JDP experience?

(A:)  Sure thing!  We set ourselves apart from other area photographers by providing customized, one-on-one high end service to every client.  We always start with a Pre-Session Consultation either in person or over the phone where you get to as Jenn questions, see our products and we get to learn all about you so we can give you the best experience during your JDP session.  It's very important because that's where you can see our products for yourself, and we can start to plan the session with you.  At your session you can get ready in our dressing room, which houses our couture closet, comfy chairs, and full length mirror. Then you can relax while you get your hair and makeup done by our professional makeup artist, and show off what makes you amazing during your session.  Afterwards, we bring you back for our Premier Ordering Session.  You can see all of your top images, pick your favorites to feature, and be walked through the process of choosing products for your home.   It doesn't make sense to us to leave you on your own, so we don't! Everything is catered to you at JDP and we're always available to answer questions, calm nerves (don't be nervous, you're awesome), and walk you through the process from start to finish.  Want to get the experience for yourself?  Fill out our contact form and get in here!

(Q:) Where do you shoot sessions?  Are locations included in the sessions?

(A:) Everywhere and YES! We now have all of Erie, including Presque Isle and Frontier Park, right in our backyard!  You session includes everything we can fit in within the session time.  This means as many locations and outfits as we can fit.  Yay! If that's not enough, we also have destination sessions available throughout the year. 

(Q:) What do you do differently from other photographers in the area?

(A:) I'm not here to get your business by bashing other photographers.  No way, no how.  I love other people's work, and strive to do my own thing in the industry.  So here's what I'm good at, and you can compare it to others.  Here at JDP, we do lots of things,  but here's what we're known for.  Creating a relationship with our clients.  Doing everything we can to make them comfortable during the shoot.  Customizing every single shoot to fit the style and personality of each client.  Classy, beautiful hair and makeup.  Having a selection of jewelry, hats, and other accessories to help you style your outfits.  Getting you to genuinely laugh.  Helping you look more gorgeous than you ever thought possible.  Guiding you through the ordering process so you're completely confident in your order.  We take stylish, classically beautiful portraits.  That's what we do, and we love every second of it.  Be our next client, and experience it all for yourself.  

Got a few other questions? We don't mind at all if you ask. Just fill out the form below and expect a prompt response.