It all started when...

I saw the younger siblings of my senior clients absolutely enthralled with their older sisters' images, but sad that they had to wait a number of years before their own photography experience.

The early and mid-teen years are said to be the "forgotten years" in photography.  No longer tiny and able to fit naked in a bathtub, but not yet seniors.  These teens are changing SO MUCH from month to month and most often, the only time they get photographed is the annual school picture.  You wouldn't believe how much being the star of a photo session can boost these girls' confidence and secure their sense of self!  I love seeing my Fresh clients come alive once the camera comes out!  All thoughts of what is "cool" are gone, and these girls can just be themselves, 100% confident that they are amazing and beautiful and strong!  Why wait until senior year, when body image is cemented?  



Are you with us?  Putting confidence-building experiences like a Fresh session is SO crucial to building up our next generation of women! Imagine if every girl KNEW for sure she was strong, worthy, powerful, beautiful, what she could do in the world?  Amazing!

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Living in an 8x10 world?

We hear it all the time: "we'd love to give [insert child name here] a Fresh session, but we don't really need any pictures of her.   We hear it, but we don't get it!  We totally love that parents are on board with the Fresh experience and want to let their teen have a chance to express herself through photography.  what I think parents miss out on, though is the "what's next" portion.  We show these amazing images that teens are anxious to show off, but with school pictures being the "traditional" route, they don't need those 8x10s.  Luckily, we are NOT about that 8x10 life!

Our Fresh sessions are unique, edgy, freeing, and fun, which may not necessarily be the exact look grandma and grandpa are going for on their mantle.  The great thing is that this shoot is NOT for grandma and grandpa!  This is so your teen can look through their images in 20 years, when they are definitely NOT a teen anymore, and go back to that time in their life, when music and friends were everything and life was so simple.  This is so their kids can look back and really see where they got their spirit from.  Again, this is NOT for grandma and grandpa, and not even so much for mom and dad.  

The Fresh experience is an investment in your child, not just for the spectacular hair and makeup, confidence-building custom session, and the online sneak peeks that they share instantly with their friends.  An investment is a chance to create something that freezes a moment in your child's life in a way they can look back on any time they like.  Are you with us now?  Our Fresh products include heirloom albums, acrylic displays, silk folios, and digital apps.  We do offer both a-la-carte and package options for Fresh clients.  Packages start at $1000, and prints start at $75.


Now What?

Congratulations!  You're now a JDP Fresh professional!  You know all the basics about our most vibrant! The only thing left to do is experience it for yourself! 



At your pre-session consultation, you get to meet Jenn and Megan, see our studio, and plan your custom session.  We go over your style guide, outfits, locations, and your story to make sure your Fresh session is 100% unique to you.  It's so important to us that you feel comfortable on your session date, and that includes having every one of your questions answered, being able to feel the products you'll be ordering, and get hyped for your session.


Woo-hoo! Your session is the day we've been planning! You get pampered with professional hair and makeup, fun music, and your very favorite outfits in the most gorgeous locations!  We Snapchat every session so your friends can experience it with you, and make sure you look your best in the most fun photography experience of your life!

Premier Ordering Session

The anticipation is driving us crazy!  We love showing our clients their final images in a grand reveal!  We love seeing the teens' faces as they see themselves on the big screen, and of course we have tissues available for the moms!  We guide you through the process of creating a custom order to best fit your family! As soon as your products are in from our pro labs, we send them home with you to show off!



You've made it!  All the way to the bottom!  We hope we've been able to answer all of your questions about our JDP Fresh line!  Now, all you have to do is fill out our contact form below, and we'll get back to you ASAP so we can plan your custom Fresh session!  We can't wait to hear from you!