Irelan Eddy

Irelan is one of our Fresh models, a group of teens we call on for shoots, fun charity events, and so much fun during the year.  Irelan is a perfect example of how much a teen can change in a short amount of time!  This girl has been featured so many times on Instagram by some HUGE accounts, she is going places!


Fresh Model Shoots

Yep, that's her real eye color!  Irelan loves experimenting with hair color, and when she first came to us, she was a stunning platinum blonde.  We love how fierce Irelan has become!


Fresh Model Shoots-Part Two

You just KNOW that if Marilyn monroe was a pastel goth, this is a look she would rock!  We love girls who aren't afraid to show an edge, and Irelan is so great at it!  Those curls plus that top?  Perfection!

Fresh Custom Shoot

Ok moms, HERE'S what we're talking about!  Irelan's Fresh Model Shoot was in March, and her Custom Shoot was in September.  In just six months, our sweet Irelan completely came into her own as an edgy diva who is ready to take on the world! 

This is what makes JDP so different- no other studio gets to know their clients like we do, so no other studio would be able to put together the perfect mix of cute/edgy/mischevious/sassy that we see in Irelan.  Fresh sessions give a look into a teen's world in a way that yearly school pictures never could.  We absolutely love giving Erie teens the chance to show off their style and personality in a way they can look back on later in life!