Bethany Szumigale

They say a picture says a thousand words.  The image above only needs to say one: unapologetic.  That describes one of my favorite clients, Bethany, to a T!  A fierce mama and businesswoman, she embodies unapologetic.  She is fierce, loves on herself, knows she is beautiful, doesn't deny herself what she wants, and somehow manages to fit in all the roles of mother, wife, friend, leader, boss, and so many more I can't even name!  This gorgeous girl treated herself to an Allure session to celebrate all that she's become in life, and we love her for it!


Look One

Look at this vibrant lady!  Bethany came in with her favorite gowns, wanting another chance to wear them and feel beautiful in them (how many times have you bought something and only worn it ONCE??).  What better opportunity to show off that perfect dress that you hunted for for hours, maybe days, just to wear for an evening?  Now, Bethany can look back on her gorgeous images from her heirloom folio box and think "yep, THIS is me!" over and over again!

Be Unneccessary

"...but I don't NEED it".  Really?  You don't need a day to celebrate you, to get glam for no reason other than that you want to, to capture your beauty to look back on during a sweatpants day?  I beg to differ!  Unnecessary doesn't mean we don't need it!


Look Two

Yes, mama!  This life is beautiful and made to show off!  We absolutely loved the spirit and joy Bethany brought to her session!  No shame, no regrets, nothing but celebration!