Have you always just KNOWN that you're undiscovered talent?  You've perfected your posing, practiced your interviews in the mirror, and have your caught-by-the-paparazzi look down to a T.  Put all that talent to good use with the Seniors Ignite Modeling Competition!

To enter, you MUST be a Class of  2018 JDP Senior! Just let us know you want to enter the competition, and we'll start your application!

"So", you say, "what do I get if I win?"  GREAT QUESTION!

Winning teens will be modeling for, and be photographed by, some of the leading Senior photographers from across the country (including JDP!) in Palm Springs, California during the week of January 21-27, 2018. Your images and story will be published in the national SEEN Magazine, a style and culture magazine for a new generation of the Undiscovered. (To give you an idea of how big this is, issue #6 featured celebrity figure Jen Saviano, from ABC’s The Bachelor, who has an online clothing boutique and lifestyle blog.)

The National Model Competition Winning models will be fully styled for the Magazine photo shoot and Seniors Ignite Shootout. (The Seniors Ignite Shootout is a group of photographers gathered in one location for education and portfolio building. If you've been following JDP, you know we've won features EVERY MONTH for Seniors Ignite with our JDP Senior Models!) Seniors Ignite will provide all hair and makeup, as well as a minimum or 2 fully styled outfits for each model to wear. Models will also receive walking and posing instruction prior to the shoots.

Winning models’ stories and image editorials will be published in the national SEEN Magazine in print and online. They will also model for an exclusive fashion campaign for SEEN Magazine.

Winning Models will receive all digital images from the Lead SEEN photographers, as well as the Shootout Photographers for their personal use. They will also receive a complimentary digital copy of the issue of SEEN magazine that they are featured in.

All of these fashion shoots will take place over a WEEK in sunny, gorgeous Palm Springs, California! As a JDP winner, your travel and hotel will be covered, PLUS you'll get a $100 food card to sample the local eats! Live like a celebrity and be photographed by the best in the nation for a week, get away from dreary Erie, and be in the spotlight like you deserve!  What else could a girl want??

SEEN Magazine is all about the style and culture of the UNDISCOVERED.  Teens who have a story to tell, a vision to make real, and a unique view of the world to share.  SEEN is a lifestyle magazine for the REAL movers and shakers, the world changers and the up-and-comers. 

AKA, JDP Seniors!  We're always amazed at how absolutely AWESOME our Seniors are, and we CAN'T WAIT to have another JDP Senior win the SI National Modeling Competition!

Yep, we said ANOTHER!- in the past we've had National winners- including Class of 2014's Natalie Scanlon as well as multiple National Finalists  and we think it's time for another JDP Senior to be in the national spotlight!

Can't wait for the chance to enter?  Get in on a REAL National Modeling Competition!  Seniors Ignite is looking for all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and stories, so yes, of course you can enter! Remember, you HAVE TO be a Class of 2018 JDP Senior!  The deadline for entry is September 1st, 2017.  Class of 2018, book your senior session NOW to get in on this!  We can't wait to see who we'll be taking to Palm Springs!!